Balinese dance culture incorporates ancient Hindu traditions with drama that tell stories through dance and music.


Nearly every visitor to Bali takes the opportunity to watch one or more of the many, stylized Bali dances that are performed nearly every evening on the island. Dance and music have thrived in Bali for centuries. Balinese dancers begin to learn their steps and body alignment as young children, and most professional dancers “retire” when they marry. Our experienced teacher will gently guide you as you learn your first Balinese dance steps. Sample the integrated body movements, hand and facial gestures that make Balinese dance so unusual to new visitors. Our teacher will explain the meaning(s) behind the individual postures and gestures that comprise the basics of Balinese dance.


Due to that interest and passion to the Balinese Dance, The Joglo open the opportunity to have a Balinese Dance Class special for the kids. Do not miss the time for your kids to join with our Balinese Dance Class.


The Joglo Balinese Dance Class will start Nearly January 2019.

Every Sunday from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Price = Rp. 100.000/kids including:

Kids Menu


An Experience Teacher

Briefing & Warming Up

Pay in Advance for 4 times course you will get discount Rp. 100.000

You have to bring your own Scarf and Strapless or

you can buy Scarf and Strapless at the Joglo

Maximal 30 kids/Class/2 Session

Age: 4 – 12 Years Old


Every 3 months will be performing the Balinese dance at the Stage

Make sure to reserve your spot!

Reservation Form


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