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    Hello people! Today, in this article we will talk about the Unified University and College Management System login portal. So what is it? It is basically the unified education system revised by the particular Indian state namely Karnataka and through its jurisdiction.

    Through this the activities of the educational institutions and public universities are monitored, also various other things such as the admittance of the student, to their performance tracking, Everything is done through the means of the Unified University and College Management System. 


    There are a few exciting features of UUCMS, some of which include:

    • It makes sure that the unity and accumulative nature is maintained by joining the extensive and practical higher education institutions (HEIs) which will in turn consolidate the information and details available regarding higher knowledge touching through the most basic points. 
    • This will in turn aid with all the existing faculties, mentors, learners, guardians, labourers and the top post holders regarding higher education systems throughout or concerning the state. 
    • It will computerise the policies and the works of all the higher education institutions concerned on the basis of web related browser involved works. 
    • Initiating right from the admittance to the tests to the handing over of attractive designations as a learner , all will be possible through the operation of this. 
    • There also exists special features like group administration, chapter schedules, and learner attendance imprisoned in the Unified University and College Management System. 
    • Also, management programs of all the mentors including execution tracking and also promotion are possible through these criteria. 

    Procedure (Registration)

    You need to follow a few steps for the procurement of the registration criteria relating to the Unified University and College Management System which involves :

    • First of all, you will have to browse their official webpage namely
    • Along with this there is also another side relating to the registration of the learner namely
    • Then you will go for the choosing of the login alternative situated at the menu. 
    • Proceeding, the interface which shows up, you need to choose the tab related to students. 
    • Go for the choosing of the regular learner. 
    • Moving on, you need to tap on the alternative of the registration of the student. 
    • Next, a interface associating the registration will be the resultant. 
    • You need to upload all of your valid document id here that including your Aadhar card, your official name, your DOB, your guardian’s official name, your contact number and also the valid address official proof of yours. 
    • Your educational documents also needs to be uploaded. 
    • A one time password will be generated over your own personalized cell phone, which you need to input and then tap on the alternative of submit. 

    Procedure (login)

    Proceeding towards the login procedure, which is as :

    • Surf through the interface associated to the login purpose concerning Unified University and College Management System namely
    • Then surf through the site by going through the part addressing “Normal”.
    • Moving on, tap on the alternative of learner relating to the drop down menu. 
    • When you are done with the recovering hand interface, you will have to then input the valid details and then log in to the page, namely, username, passwoed and the captcha refill. 


    Throughout this article, we discussed regarding Unified University and College Management System login portal. How to register inthe said portal and also how to login through the registered portal. This site is of great importance in the education industry as it brings a great revolution at the Karnataka state level, but soon all over the country or the Indian subcontinent as well.

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