The Legend Of Hanuman: Watching All Seasons

    Hanuman Ji is our childhood hero. For us right now, he still stands out above everyone else. When will The Legend of Hanuman’s third season be released?  Who doesn’t like animated movies? Especially those that discuss mythology. The legend of Hanuman is one among them. Legend of Hanuman’s first season started in January 2021, and Hotstar Disney+ has since carried the show.

    Legend of Hanuman Overview

    The story revolves around Hanuman Ji, a servant of God Rama, and his family. Hanuman Ji’s struggles and victories in life are portrayed in the play. Everything revolves around “becoming the greatest disciple of Lord Rama” after changing from an “ordinary vana” to that position.

    The Legend of Hanuman’s Season 1 Storyline and IMDB Ratings

    Hanuman Ji had been unable to use his abilities since he was a young child, until one-day things changed, and Hanumanji left on his journey to the sun. Following that, he meets Lakshman and Lord Ram. He directs them to a banished Vanar King. 

    The help is also accepted by Sugreev Ji, and they all set out to retake his realm of Kishkindha. King Sugreev and his younger brother are in charge of the kingdom of Kishkindha, which is located in Banaras. Later, Hanuman Ji encounters King Angaad while searching for Sita Maa.

    The Legend of Hanuman’s Season 2 Plot.

    While en route to Lanka, Sursa puts Hanuman ji to the test. Throughout his trek to Lanka, Hanumanji runs into a number of monsters. However, more terrifying monsters are waiting for him in Lanka. Hanuman ji assumes the devil’s demeanor in an effort to communicate Ram ji’s message to Sita maa. Ravan ultimately loses his son after ordering his Kinkara soldiers to combat Hanumanji. 

    After the battle, the devils bind Lord Hanuman to prevent him from continuing. They eventually introduce him to Raavan. In order to convey Sita Maa’s message to Lord Rama, our valiant lord plans to leave Lanka.  Hanuman comes to Lanka after Ravana has destroyed it and meets up with Lord Rama and Vanar Sena. The second season of The Hanuman ends with Ravana prepared to fight Rama.

     Review of “The Legend of Hanuman”

    Reviews suggest that because the animated mythology series is meticulously researched and explained, fans loved it. This wonderful series is suitable for the entire family. Through such a series, people may be able to connect with their mythology. Nowadays, the majority of kids have no notion what our gods gave up for us. Therefore, watching The Legend of Hanuman is worthwhile. According to a 2022 interview with the show’s creator, Hanuman is a hero not because of his strength but because I made the story more relevant and motivating.  Despite the fact that I like comic books and superheroes, these stories had a significant influence on my upbringing since the characters were always a part of something bigger than themselves and appeared larger than life to me.

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